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A multidisciplinary research group
Language and Technology Lab

Language and Technology Lab

A multidisciplinary team
A multidisciplinary team
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Rethinking Communication

We are a multidisciplinary lab exploring communicative practices, communications media, and the cultural relationship between them. We are based in the Anthropology Department  and the Doctoral Program in History, Anthropology, Science, Technology and Society (HASTS) at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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2022 Sessions

June 30th | Dissertation Workshop: “The Clamor of the Cloud”

Steven Gonzalez, LAT Graduate Fellow (MIT)

August 4th | Speculative Fiction Workshop: “Give Me English”

Ai Jiang, Guest Speaker (Speculative Fiction Author & Editor)

September 30th | Paper Workshop: “Disability & Technology”

Di Wu, LAT Graduate Fellow (MIT)

October 20th | Guest Speaker: “Hacktivism”

Gabriella Coleman, Professor of Anthropology (Harvard University)

November 4th | Paper Workshop

– Yilia Qu, LAT Undergraduate Fellow (MIT)

December 9th | Dissertation Workshop

Jamie Wong, LAT Graduate Fellow (MIT)

Graduate Fellow Timothy Loh wins the 2020 Middle Eastern Studies Association’s Graduate Student Paper Prize

Timothy Loh’s paper, Language in Medical Worlds: The Politics of Hearing Technology, Speaking, and Arabic for Deaf Children in Jordan, has won the Middle Eastern Studies Association’s (MESA) 2020 graduate student paper prize. Read more about the paper, heralded for its “theoretical sophistication …

New lab!

The Language and Technology Lab (LangTech Lab) was created by Dr. Beth Semel and Dr. Graham Jones in the summer of 2020 to provide a space for undergraduate, graduate students, and other researchers to bring together Linguistic Anthropology and Science and Technology Studies.