A multidisciplinary research group
Language and Technology Lab



Combining Linguistic Anthropology and Science and Technology Studies, the Language and Technology Lab explores communicative practices, communications media, and the culturally dynamic relationship between them. Emphasizing the embeddedness of language and media alike in broader structures of power, we also view them as sites where new modes of expression, experience, and sociality can emerge.

– Mission Statement

We are an inclusive, collaborative, and multidisciplinary team, privileging ethnographic methods, but also integrating archival, semiotic, sociolinguistic, and computational approaches.

Some of our lab’s key research themes include:
  • the sociocultural life of digital platforms and infrastructures
  • the linguistic, discursive, and interactional dimensions of new media
  • the construction of “language” as an object of biomedical/scientific knowledge and technical intervention
  • situated interaction in technoscientific speech communities

Our research both celebrates the vibrancy of human communicative practices and promotes equity, social responsibility, and accessibility in the development of techncommunications technology.

Image Attributions:
“Communication is the key” by Sebastien Wiertz is licensed under CC BY 2.0
“Rotary” by Macwagen is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0